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Jared Padalecki, Random Quotes, Harry Potter

Here's a completely textless batch... except for the random quote icons, lol! Sometimes, a pretty textless icon is all you really need, so hopefully this post will be useful to you if you agree with that. :) I used pretty rare pictures of both Jared and Harry & Draco, so hopefully that'll make these more appealing. So, enjoy the icons!

Also, if you're interested in a comm for Harry Potter/Supernatural crack!fic crossovers, please join winchesterwarts! What would it be like if Arthur Weasley souped up the Metallicar and Sam and Dean FLEW IT?! :O!!! Poor Dean-- he'd be so freaked out, and Sam would be doing flips and doing really quick drops in altitude! And can you just imagine John Winchester standing before the trunk of his car and Arthur Weasley asking him all sorts of questions? If you find this amusing, then please join winchesterwarts! :D

12 x Jared Padalecki
  8 x Random Quotes
12 x Harry Potter


( follow the fake cut! )

Please note that you are more than welcome to friend inyourpants_, my icon journal, if you like my icons and would like to keep up with them. Thanks! :)

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