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Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Bonnie Wright, Harry Potter, Supernatural

I got feedback on my icons in that recent icon makers' meme, and it turns out that most of you didn't exactly like the coloring on my icons? I wish someone had told me sooner! ^^;; But anyway, I've been toying around with Photoshop and finally figured out another coloring technique which I actually like better than the last one I got obsessed with. As with any new coloring technique, I've got mostly textless icons this batch, and if it turns out yall like the icons, I'll try to get more and more creative with them! Anyway, the new coloring is on the Harry Potter and Supernatural icons, so I'd appreciate any and all feedback on those. :) Otherwise, enjoy the icons!

  8 x Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  8 x Bonnie Wright
24 x Harry Potter
16 x Supernatural


( follow the fake cut! )

Please note that you are welcome to friend inyourpants_, my icon journal, if you like my icons and would like to keep up with them. Thanks! :)
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